Introducing Our Beloved Dairy Cows:

These magnificent cows, each named after a beautiful flower, bring life and vibrancy to the ranch. They are not just our providers of nourishment but also cherished members of our family. Their individual personalities, diverse backgrounds, and contributions to our ranch fill our days with joy and gratitude.

Violet – The Trailblazer:

Age: 11 years

Breed: Registered Milking Shorthorn (A2/A2)

Violet holds a special place in our hearts as the cow who started it all. She gracefully led us into the world of the micro-dairy, patiently teaching us the art of milking. As our matriarch, Violet’s wisdom and gentle nature have been invaluable. She has become a beloved member of our pasture, and if she doesn’t calve again, she will retire as our cherished and adored pasture pet.

Poppy – The Joyful Producer:

Breeds: Mostly Jersey, some Holstein, and a touch of British White (A1/A2)

Poppy steals our hearts with her captivating panda-like coloring and delightful personality. Her predominantly Jersey heritage ensures exceptional milk production, while the Holstein and British White strains contribute to her distinctive appearance. Poppy’s endearing nature shines bright, as she eagerly greets everyone, especially those who come bearing treats. As a seasoned mother, she has blessed us with two lovely calves—Annie, named after the purple anemone flower, and Holly, named after the black hollyhock. Both calves, being 1/2 Angus, hold promise for future beautiful beef.

Olive Ann – The Jersey Gem:

Breed: 100% Pure Jersey (A2/A2)

Our newest addition to the herd, Olive Ann, is a purebred Jersey heifer with an exciting future ahead. With her 100% A2/A2 genetics, she embodies the true essence of Jersey goodness. Olive Ann’s friendly demeanor and endearing tongue-twisting habit, a characteristic of her breed, make her an instant favorite. We eagerly anticipate the day she takes her place in the stanchion, ready to contribute her exceptional milk. Olive Ann represents the continuation of our commitment to providing the finest dairy products.

Raspberry Lane Ranch invites you to be a part of our journey, where the bond between animals and humans creates a truly remarkable experience. Experience firsthand the love, care, and dedication that go into every bottle of our raw, cream-line milk.