Welcome to Raspberry Lane Ranch, where we are passionate about providing you with the finest pasture-raised, non-GMO dairy and meat products.

Located in the scenic town of Kuna, Idaho, our family-owned ranch is dedicated to bringing you the best from our happy and well-cared-for animals. We believe that happiness truly enhances the flavor, and we strive to deliver products that are not only delicious but also nourishing for both you and the environment.


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Raw Dairy

Our signature product is our raw cream-line milk, a true delight for those who have experienced its rich taste and myriad health benefits. Unlike the sanitized and processed milk found in stores, our raw milk is brimming with life.


Poultry & Eggs

Free range pasture raised eggs come from hens that have the freedom to roam outdoors, enjoying natural grazing and foraging on a diverse diet, resulting in eggs that are richer in flavor and have vibrant, golden yolks.

Pastured Raised Pork

Pasture-raised pigs are raised in a natural environment where they can roam freely, root around, and engage in natural behaviors. This leads to happier and healthier animals compared to pigs raised in confined, factory-farm conditions.

Pasture Raised Beef

Happy cows lead to more nutritious and delicious beef products due to several factors. In a stress-free environment, animals produce meat with lower levels of stress hormones, resulting in improved flavor and tenderness.

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